Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Three Short Devotional Stories of Faith

By: Author With Joy! 

1. You changed my mourning into dancing; you took off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness. With my whole being I sing endless praise to you. Oh God my God, forever will I give you thanks. Psalms 30:13 (New American Bible)

Angela is a Latin-American in her mid-forties who lived a very difficult life. Angela tried to commit suicide many times. It is amazing that she is still alive. She has much potential, even after being in the mental health system for many years. She has many questions about Jesus and has a hunger to know Him.. She knows He cares and that she will be loved and cherished, no matter what. When asked about her faith, Angela quickly responded, without Jesus, she wouldn’t be alive today. She encouraged me to start a non-denominational faith group in our program.

I contacted my supervisor and explained how I would not emphasize my own faith, but let members talk about theirs. I gave my supervisor an agenda of what I would cover, and the proposal received approval. Angela wanted to lead the group, and I encouraged her to do so. I talked with her before the group met, to explain how this would be a safe place for people to talk about their faith without judgement.She seemed enthusiastic, and shared her excitement with the group. Now since she has been the facilitator she has made no major suicide attempts. She mentioned to me that being able to share her faith and being with others has helped her feel understood. She feels like she fits into the world. She sees herself not as a “mental patient” but a woman of faith. She helped me realize spiritual wisdom can come from anybody at any time if we are open to the light of Christ.


You have the light of Christ

within and around you

Shine your light for all to see!

2. “Jesus said, ‘I give praise to you, Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned, you have revealed them to the childlike.” Mathew Chapter 11: 25 (New American Bible)

John was an African American man about 55 years of age. Due to his Schizophrenia it was difficult for him to express himself clearly. Each day he would have roses tucked in all of his pockets. They were many colors and he seemed to take pleasure in picking certain roses. Even thought they became wilted when he put them in his pocket, to him they were a priceless treasure. Each day John would come to me and say,” What color rose would you like today?” His face would show his eager anticipation of giving me this wonderful gift from his heart. Even though the flower would be wilted I always was go grateful that he would share his greatest treasure.

Unfortunately John passed away last year. I saw him the day before he died. Now it was my turn to give him a rose. I brought the brightest roses I could find. Even though he was in a coma I think somewhere is his subconscious mind he knew I was there. I told him I loved him and how much his roses meant to me. Then the most amazing thing happened. I sensed a bright light surrounding John and I felt peace and holiness.
John taught me to share my spiritual treasures and also give the best of myself to others – even if I feel like a wilted rose that day.


When the night is dark

and the world seems to

be passing us by

There is a light which

can give us courage and hope

This light is filled with love

and comes from Jesus

We have this light within us

We can have joy, peace

understanding and forgiveness

He is waiting for us

Come to the wonderful

light of Jesus!

Let this Holy light

shine for all the see!

3. “The Lord raises up the needy from the dust, lifts the poor from the ash heap.” Psalm 113:7, (New American Bible)

I was working with adults who had profound disabilities. They weren’t able to feed themselves, walk, talk, or have the basic skills we take for granted. I provided assistance with feeding, changing diapers, activities, and going into the community. One of the people I assisted was Jean. Each morning when I saw Jean she would welcome me with a smile and her legs would move as if she was very excited, and then she would start laughing. There was never a day that she failed to welcome me with this greeting.

One day my supervisor called me in the office to tell me she had to let me go because of the budget. Of course I felt many emotions, including shock. I went out of the office feeling down and Jean was in the room. She looked at me as though she understood. Then with her usual smile she started laughing.

In spite of myself I couldn’t help but laugh with her. I looked at Jean clearly for the first time and became mindful of all the challenges she had yet every morning she seemed to be thankful and joyful for another day. I had lost a job, but I was still able to do many things she would never be capable of. She would always need someone to feed and change her diapers, yet she still smiled. Maybe physically she wasn’t able to talk, but spiritually she spoke volumes. I realized I have much to thank God for and to find at least one thing to smile and laugh at each day.


How can I thank you?

Are their words?

Are their actions I can do?

I ponder many ideas and thoughts

on how to try and give you thanks

when really all you are wanting

is my heart. You don’t need a lot

of words or even a lot of planning

of how I can show my gratefulness

You just ask that I follow my heart

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