Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New ON 9/11 Channel on Call on Faith Tells Stories of Transformation & Healing

All-Video Mobile App Commemorates Tenth Anniversary

New York, NY—They were the faces of America: banker, firefighter, professor, sales clerk, administrator, baker. Then on one September morning, their lives were transformed in unimaginable ways as they moved forward out of terror and tragedy. Now they share their remarkable journeys in a special tenth-anniversary commemorative channel on the all-video mobile app Call on Faith.

The ten storytellers of 9/11 include:

Phyllis Rodriguez—A teacher in White Plains, NY. She lost her only son in Tower One but transcended grief and bitterness to reach out to the mother of Zacarias Moussaoui, the infamous "20th Hijacker"
Stanley Praimnath—As one of the few to escape from the offices of Fuji Bank, he felt called to change his life and left the trading desk for the pulpit of a little church in Queens, NY
Rais Bhuiyan—Far from Ground Zero in Dallas, a would-be avenger attacked this retail clerk and killed his co-worker. Though blind from a gunshot to the eye, he worked to save his assailant from death row.
Dan Holdridge—With the Pentagon in flames, he lay just a few feet from dozens of the dying, knowing his life could never be the same. Now he travels the nation urging his audiences to take up "Weapons of Mass Appreciation."
In addition to these and other stories, ON 9/11 offers meditations and original prayers from a variety of traditions for the tenth anniversary.
Sample selections can be seen at http://www.callonfaith.com.

Call on Faith, the only all-video inspirational app, delivers over 200 videos, which are refreshed monthly. It is programmed by Odyssey Networks, the nation's largest multi-faith coalition dedicated to producing media that enriches spiritual life and promotes tolerance. Its content includes inspirational insights, advice on better living, interviews about new and notable books, personal stories of faith and compassion, and prayers and reflections from the world's great faith traditions. A new channel Meditation with Tim Janis, pairing the music of Mr. Janis with stunning videos of natural wonders, was added in July.

Additional Call on Faith channels are programmed by ten of Odyssey's member organizations:United Church of Christ, First Radio Parish Church of America ("Daily Devotions" with Peter Panagore), Chicago Sunday Evening Club ("A Few Good Minutes"), Seventh-day Adventist Church ("Mad about Marriage" and "Voice of Prophecy"), Episcopal Church, Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters (Spirit Boost), Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, Baha'i, Day-1 and CoExist Foundation. These member channels deliver inspiration and guidance from unique faith perspectives, appealing to a wide range of spiritual seekers.

Call on Faith is available for download through www.callonfaith.com or at iTunes, Blackberry World or Android Market or Amazon, Nook, and on Sprint.
For more information on Call on Faith go to www.callonfaith.com.
About Odyssey Networks
Established in 1987, Odyssey Networks is a service of the National Interfaith Cable Coalition, Inc. It has over 100 denominational, organizational and individual members, representing Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Baha'i, Sikh, and Hinduism. For more information visitwww.odysseynetworks.org.

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